Outreach Department
Mission Statement

Our Purpose: Outreach & Recruitment serves as a linkage of higher education activities to the community, such as high schools, and community and local governmental agencies. We serve as a collaborator to various partnerships and advisories to promote educational attainment and workforce success.  

Our Services: Outreach conducts internal and external activities to promote higher education awareness, and transition and transfer.  We work with high schools and community-based organizations to offer several offsite education courses. We partner with high school counselors and community workers to disseminate information to potential students, K-12 partners, and the community at large about the various opportunities and services offered at ELAC. 

Ask Me Anything sessions
Monday - Friday
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Link: https://laccd.zoom.us/j/94626897032



Outreach & Recruitment are: 

Dean of Student Services 
Miguel Duenas 

Office Assistant  
Kevin Ornelas 

Student Services Aide 
Alexander Velasquez 

Student Services Assistants  
Amber Luna 
Ani Saakyan 
Julian Lopez 

Student Services Support Representative 
Sergio Guerrero 
Michelle Ceja 

Location: E1 Student Services Building, Room 118.
Email: outreach@elac.edu
Phone: (323) 265-8642
Fax: (323) 267-3787