MESA Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) is based on a rigorous academic program that uses various components to support students pursuing science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) degrees. Program components build an academically based peer community to provide student support and motivation. This community of learners, with a very specialized focus, is what sets MESA apart from other student success programs.

MESA creates a strong partnership between staff, counselors, school district officials, university professors and administrators, industry members, while providing participating students with:

  1. Role models and exposure to scientific fields, research/internship opportunities, maximizing students’ potential to visualize themselves as university candidates and professionals.
  2. Access to personal computers and STEM counselors, giving students the resources to compete against students from more affluent communities for the limited spaces in the university application pool, increasing their opportunities for success.
  3. Access to STEM tutors and faculty that serve as role models and provide educational services using a cohort model whenever possible.

Eligibility Requirements

MESA serves educationally and financially disadvantaged students and emphasizes participation by students from groups with low eligibility rates to four-year colleges. MESA focuses on students majoring in Mathematics/Engineering/Sciences who will transfer to a university. To be eligible for the MESA, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Not already hold a Bachelor's degree
  2. Proof of financial need
  3. Be educationally under-served
  4. Intend to transfer to a 4 year institution as a calculus-based STEM major
  5. Hold a current 2.8 minimum GPA
  6. Enrollment in Math 260 (Pre-calculus) or above

    Please feel free to contact us for additional information. To apply for MESA Program, please fill out our application!