Coding Academy:

Academy participants will use MIT App Inventor, an application development environment originally created by Google and MIT to create their own custom mobile apps. The program has an intuitive graphical drag and drop interface which allows students to easily create applications for mobile devices. Students will learn to design and develop real, downloadable apps. Additionally, students will use Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms to work in groups and learn fundamentals of computer programming and software development (Python and C++). Each group will be tasked to develop ‘self-driving’ vehicle supported by the mobile app, pre-programmed to navigate through a ‘difficult’ terrain (city map rug). The academy introduces students to inventing, engineering and coding in a fun and exciting way that is both interactive and creative, providing students with an opportunity to experiment in a collaborative environment where they learn by doing. As a culminating experience, individual groups will be competing during Coding Academy Feature Presentations with a panel of judges and some wonderful prizes.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information. To apply for coding academy, please fill out our application!