Summer Research Internships

ELAC is interested in facilitating learning experiences not only in the classroom and teaching labs, but also through research opportunities. Working on STEM research with a faculty member allows students to gain real life experience in experimental design, data collection, specimen identification, specimen curation, and data analysis. These experiences allow our students to be very competitive for entrance to bachelor degree programs in STEM.

The internship program provides an opportunity for highly motivated students to perform hands-on STEM research in the summer or during the academic year. Interns work under the guidance of an experienced scientist with one of our partner institutions. Real research projects allow participants to experience the excitement, challenges and creativity of research. The program compensates each summer intern with a student stipend so that participating student can work full-time during the summer on a project with a faculty mentor.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information. To apply for summer research internship opportunities, please fill out our general application!