The ELAC Transfer Center is available to assist you when you are ready to submit your transfer applications. You are welcome to use our computer lab, attend an application workshop, and meet with Transfer Center staff and counselors to make sure your applications are completed correctly.

We encourage you to look into the application process approximately a year before you want to attend your target 4-year college/university. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Meet with a counselor to determine when you will be ready to apply for transfer.
  2. Make sure you submit your application before the deadline.
    1. For CSUs
      Fall Semester October 1 – November 30
      Spring Semester August 1 – August 31
    2. For UCs
      Fall Quarter/Semester November 1 – November 30
      Winter Quarter/Spring Semester July 1 – July 31
    3. Private institutions: Varies
  3. Make sure you gather the appropriate documents and information before you start your application. Documents/Information may include:
    1. Your unofficial transcripts
    2. Your Social Security Number/DACA/ITIN Number
    3. Your residency/citizenship status
    4. Personal statements or short essays
    5. Letters of Recommendations
    6. A method of payment


  1. CSUs:
  2. UCs:
  3. Common Application (used by many private institutions):


Start Your Application Early. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Meet with a counselor to clarify your transfer progress and if necessary, assist with petitions related to course repetition and academic renewal as it can impact your transferable GPA.

Meet with Transfer Center staff to get assistance with completing your application! We can help you with

- Calculating your transferable GPA

- Double checking your application so that it’s accurate and free of errors.

- Reviewing your UC Personal Insight Questions (PIQ) or personal statements


Make sure you check and carefully read emails from the colleges/universities you applied to.

Make sure your follow instructions and meet deadlines.

- Many college/universities ask that you update your application to include your most recent grades.

- Some schools may ask that you submit an unofficial or official transcript to include your most recent grades.

If you are completing an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), either an AA-T or AS-T, CSUs will ask that you verify your ADT. To verify your ADT, meet with a counselor to file your graduation petition or to complete an ADT Verification form.

If you receive emails or communication from the schools you applied to and are unsure what to do, please visit the Transfer Center for assistance as soon as possible. We can help you clarify your next steps.