Learning Center

ELAC Staff and Student are in the Learning Center

The mission of the ELAC Learning Center is to help ELAC students become independent, responsible learners. To this end, we do our best to provide each student with the help he or she needs

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The following services are available:


We offer tutoring for many different courses, including: accounting, anatomy, biology, chemistry, communication studies, history, math philosophy, sociology, and many more!

Our 50-minute tutoring sessions are offered in one-to-one or group sessions.

Group tutoring sessions can be arranged with the front desk staff, or one student can make an appointment and bring 3-4 classmates to the session. For group tutoring sessions, we strongly encourage all participants to be in a class with the same instructor.

Tutoring is offered by appointment or by walk-in. If you want to walk-in for tutoring, you need to arrive in the hour before when you wish to be seen. For instance, for a walk-in session at 12:00pm, you need to arrive between 11am-11:50am. Walk-in tutoring is not guaranteed; it’s always better to schedule an appointment.

Computer Lab

The Learning Center also houses a computer lab for student use. We have the latest Microsoft Office software along with:

  • Nutrition Diet Analysis Software
  • Adobe Creative Suite

We also offer GoPrint services for students to use:

  • $.05 black-and-white
  • $.25 color


Amanda Ryan-Romo, Director
Tel. 323-265-8957
Email: romoar@elac.edu

Elizabeth Arroyo, Instructional Aide
Tel. 323-415-5081
Email: arroyoe@elac.edu