Register for Text & Email Alerts

The Blackboard Connect Emergency Notification System will be utilized to notify students, faculty and staff via SMS (text) and e-mail in the event of a campus emergency. Students can register by logging in to their ACE Portal and employees register by logging in to the Administrative portal. Click the appropriate link below to register your cell phone.

Emergency Alert FAQ

Student who apply at East Los Angeles College, will complete the ELAC Online application located here:

On the ELAC online application form, students will be asked to provide their cell phone numbers to receive emergency notification(s) in situations of imminent danger. Once their application is processed, their cell phone number along with their profile information will be automatically inputted into the Blackboard Connect system, this will allow ELAC administrators to use the Blackboard Connect to send out text messages and\or emails to students to notify them of any emergencies occurring at the College and provide guidance on what to do next.

Employees who want to add or update their emergency contact information on the Blackboard Connect system will have to log into their LACCD District SAP Portal (LACCD Portal), which is only accessible by clicking on the District Applications icon located on your office computer desktop.

Once you are logged in you can click on the Employee Services \ My Emergency Contact \ to update the SMS text messages. If you need further assitance please contact Information Technology Department. 
Please access the following website and register your personal information to receive futre Text Notifications from East Los Angeles College.

For Instructions on how, please access instructions here