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Consider the number of images you see in just one day in newspapers, billboards, magazines, catalogs, mailers and even on your cereal box. The vast majority of these are photographs. Creating these photographs is an exciting and rewarding career that will provide you with many years of gratification and fulfillment. Photographers are problem solvers who combine artistry, color sense, technique, and imagination to create compelling images that tell a story. Due to the digital revolution and increasingly sophisticated imaging software, photography is now limited only by imagination. At ELAC we provide training in both traditional and digital photography that provides our students with the knowledge necessary to enter and succeed in this challenging and exciting field.

Success = Great Teachers

Our faculty members have extensive experience as professional photographers and are committed to the success of students. Teachers work with students on an individual basis in both labs and studios insuring that they understand all aspects of the curriculum. In addition, our advisory groups work with the faculty to make sure that the curriculum reflects modern industry practices.

Success = High-Tech Classrooms

The photography curriculum includes training in both traditional and digital photography. Our digital facilities include state-of-the-art computer systems and software, along with digital cameras and printers that produce high quality work in this new and growing area. Traditional photography embraces complete black and white and color darkrooms, shooting studios with electronic flash and camera formats from 35mm to 8" x 10". For the students' convenience, open labs are available until 10 p.m.

Success = Career Connections

The field of photography offers a wide range of specializations that include commercial, journalistic, scientific, fine art, portrait and wedding photography. No matter what area of photography you choose, the work of a photographer is creative, diverse, challenging, and above all, gratifying.

Success = University Transfer

An ELAC Associate Degree and completion of lower division university academic requirements prepares graduates for transfer to Bachelor Degree programs at California State Universities. Students who are interested in teaching or management should consider this option.

Admission is Easy

Anyone 18 years or older qualifies for admission to East Los Angeles College. People under 18 qualify if they graduated from high school or if they have passed the California High School Proficiency Test. High school students may concurrently enroll at ELAC with the consent of their parents and high school and get an early start on their college education and pay no tuition.

Applications and information to register for day and evening classes are available from the Admissions Office by calling 322-265-8966