NEW Chicana/o/x LGBTQ Studies Courses


The Chicana/o Studies Department at East Los Angeles Colleges now offers 3 courses in Chicana/o/x LGBTQ Studies. Students interested in learning about the histories, experiences, and literary production of Chicana/o/x LGBTQ people in the United States are highly encouraged to enroll in these dynamic courses. All of these classes are UC/CSU transferrable.


Chicana/o Studies 25: The LGBTQ Chicana/o in Contemporary Society (3) UC:CSU IGETC Area 4

This course examines the unique experiences of LGBTQ Chican@s through an overview of a broad range of contemporary LGBTQ issues in the U.S. Special attention is given to the relationship between LGBTQ Chican@ individuals and the social and political constructs of gender, sexuality, and identity, as they relate to social and political institutions, with emphasis on the intersectionality of oppressions and identities for LGBTQ people of color in the U.S. and specific focus on LGBTQ culture and experience in Chican@ and Latin@ communities.

Chicana/o Studies 26: The Chicana/o in the LGBTQ History of the United States (3) UC:CSU IGETC Area 4

This course is a historical survey of the role and contributions of LGBTQ Chican@s and Latin@s in the origins and developments of LGBTQ movements in the U.S. The course provides historical background in the lives, communities, organizations, and resistance movements created by LGBTQ peoples, with focus on the histories, cultures, identities, and unique contributions of LGBTQ Chican@ and Latin@ communities.

Chicana/o Studies 27: Chicana/o LBGTQ Literature (3) UC:CSU IGETC Area 3B

This course is an introduction to the history and development of Chican@ LGBTQ literature within the context of LGBTQ literature and mainstream literary traditions in the U.S. Emphasis is on the unique Chican@ contributions to the emergence of contemporary LGBTQ literatures and identities in the U.S. since the late twentieth century.