INTERNATIONAL-TRADE: Computer Applications & Office Technologies Department

This program stresses those skills most sought by today’s employers in international commerce. The field of international trade provides career opportunities for persons with specialized skills in import and export documentation, banking, sales marketing, air-sea-truck transportation, and the principals of foreign trade business management.

Available Certificate:

International Trade Certificate of Achievement

Available Courses:

INTBUS 1 - International Trade (3) CSU

This foundation course in international trade provides a global Logistics and international marketing perspective to importing and exporting. From world trade agreements and regulations to practices and procedures, the course surveys the global business environment, international supply chain management, international market entry, international contracts, terms of trade, terms of payment, currency of payment, documentation, U.S. Customs, and completive advantage strategies.

INTBUS 2 - Transport Systems (3) CSU

This course examines the global transport systems used in importing and exporting. Emphasis is given to the role of ocean, air, land, and multimodal transport infrastructures as key components of international supply chain management operations. Supporting international trade topics include commercial terms of trade, commercial and transportation documents, insurance, packaging for export, Logistics infrastructure and security, and United States Customs clearance.

INTBUS 3 - Export Procedures I (3) CSU

This course provides hands-on working knowledge in the business of exports, its procedures and required documentation. The course covers the export transaction from inception to receipt of payment. Topics include: Evaluation of a company’s export readiness and potential, market research, identification of the best export markets, costing, quotations, letters of credit, major export products, marketing, terms of sale, marine insurance, transportation, sales contracts, documentation, and U.S. export controls.

INTBUS 4 - Import Procedures I (3) CSU

This course focuses on international trade strategies and techniques and presents an overview of importing terms. The concepts of management, finance, operations, law, communications, marketing, and ethics as they apply to imports are discussed. Topics include: Overseas purchasing, import operations, U.S. government regulations, finance, documentation, record keeping, international trade treaties, and global culture. Additionally, the class covers bilateral trade relations, unique country profiles, and product sourcing modalities. U.S. and World Customs duty rate structure and the role of customs brokers and freight forwarders are highlighted. International currency transactions, storage, distribution, and transportation are also discussed.