Real Estate

E7 - Technology Building

The East Los Angeles College Real Estate business department can help you along your journey to becoming a real estate professional.  The discipline strives to produce disciplined professionals with the skills necessary to help clients with their work and living environments.  After completion of an AA or skills certificate in Real Estate, you will be prepared to work in various real estate fields such as property management, real estate sales and leasing, or property development. 

Students hoping to pursue a career in real estate should have a good combination of quantitative and people skills.  The real estate field often moves on the ability to form good working relationships and the ability to communicate with your clients.  The Real Estate Broker Certificate of Achievement program is designed to prepare students to take the examination to become a State Licensed Real Estate Broker.   

As a student, you can earn the following certifications:  

Skills Certificate:

  1. Real Estate Agent
  2. Real Estate Escrow
  3. Real Estate Sales

Certificates of Achievement

  1. Real Estate Broker

Associate Degree Programs

  1. Real Estate