Instructor giving presentation in the classroom

Ever curious as to what shapes our decisions to buy certain products?  Do you think you would be a good salesperson?  If so, then have you considered a career in marketing?   

At its core, the study of marketing is about making effective strategic decisions by assessing what consumers need and want.  Those who study marketing will be prepared to enter the workforce to work in brand management, sales, advertising, market research, and even entrepreneurship.   

Students interested in studying marketing will get to utilize many skills, such as psychology, economics, and statistics (don't worry you do not have to be an expert in these fields) to help determine what makes consumers tick.  A natural candidate for marketing classes would be a student curious about how we make decisions, and what we can do to help fulfill those desires.   

The Business Department at ELAC offers four dedicated Marketing Courses as well as both a Certificate of Achievement an Associate Degree in Marketing.  

Certificates of Achievement: 

  1. Marketing

Associate Degree Programs: 

  1. Marketing