About Studying Marketing 

Every organization needs to attract customers. The courses, certificate,  and associate degree in Business Marketing are designed to teach students foundational marketing concepts. These courses help students understand traditional marketing, social media marketing, sales, advertising, and promotion to develop and maintain beneficial exchanges with a target customer. 

Courses in Marketing: Take a course and build your knowledge in various Marketing aspects such as Sales, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Merchandising

Marketing 01 – Principles of Sales
Marketing 11 – Fundamentals of Advertising
Marketing 12 – Advertising Copy and Layout
Marketing 23 – Introduction to Social Media Marketing 
Marketing 31 – Retail Merchandising 

Check out the ELAC course catalog for additional details regarding these courses: http://www.elac.edu/Academics/Catalog

Marketing: Certificate of Achievement & Associate Degree 
Build your resume or follow a well-rounded path toward understanding what it means to be a real estate professional. Here at ELAC, you have three opportunities to build your knowledge and build your resume in real estate so you can be an investor or advance in a real estate and property career.

  • Business Marketing I – Certificate of Achievement (22 Units)
  • Marketing – Associates Degree (60 Units)

Career Opportunities: Start or run your own real estate business, manage properties or work in real estate services such as real estate escrow, insurance, or finance. 

Marketing Career and Degree Information:

Do you want to transfer into a Business Administration Degree program and emphasis in Marketing? Here are some examples.

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