A high-impact and exciting career in accounting will put you in the center of business.  Commonly referred to as "the language of business", knowledge of accounting will be useful preparation for working in the accounting department of a corporation, or a career in public accounting, consulting, corporate management, or entrepreneurship to name just a few possibilities.  And since executives, entrepreneurs, and the entire business world requires the work of accountants, skills you develop as a student will lead to employment opportunities in the future!

As a student you can earn the following:

Skills Certificates: 

  1. Accounting Assistant
  2. Accounting Using Quickbooks Pro
  3. Advanced Accounting Specialist
  4. Advanced Government Accounting Specialist

Certificates of Achievements:

  1. Accounting

Associate Degree:

  1. Accounting

The accounting discipline also offers the following courses that are unique to ELAC in the LACCD: 

  1. Accounting 12 - Auditing
  2. Accounting 19 - Ethics for Accounting Professionals
  3. Accounting 45 - Governmental Accounting I
  4. Accounting 46 - Governmental Accounting II

If you are interested in succeeding in the business world, then a degree or certificate in accounting is a vital step on your path to success.  No matter what business career you choose, understanding the finances of a company is beneficial and knowledge of accounting will give you an advantage over the competition.  The ELAC accounting faculty, with private and public accounting backgrounds, bring to the classroom real-world experience that helps students succeed.