Welcome to Automotive Technology

Picture of ELAC FacultyThe Automobile Technology program at East Los Angeles College prepares students for a career in the high tech world of transportation repair. Los Angelinos value and depend on their cars, making the maintenance and repair industry a growth field, a trend that is predicted to continue for decades. All major domestic and import auto manufacturers are located in the area and repair departments are a major component of their operations.

Computerization has revolutionized automobile design and mechanics need a comprehensive knowledge of all the systems of a vehicle to be successful in industry. Students may enter the program with no prior experience and build their skills so they are able to diagnose and repair today's sophisticated automobiles. Faculty members are licensed Master mechanics and have years of experience in private industry.

The automobile technology facilities are second to none. Students use state-of-the-art tools and equipment . Hands-on laboratories combined with lectures that describe all the mechanical systems of modern cars and the latest computer assisted repair and testing equipment prepare students to transition easily into automotive dealerships or independent repair shops.