Art Department FAQ's

Yes! We offer several certificate programs designed to provide students with entry-level skills for careers in the art industry. We also offer AA - T degrees that prepare graduates to transfer to university programs in drawing, painting, ceramics, art history, graphic arts, animation, and multimedia. AA - T program graduates develop individualized portfolios that are an important component when applying to a four-year public or private university.
Applications and information to register for day and evening classes are available from the Admissions Office by calling (323) 265-8966 or on the Admissions Homepage.
Tuition is $46 per unit for California residents. Please refer to the Financial Aid Homepage for more information on costs and how to apply for financial aid.
Contact Marisa Marofske, the Art Department Instructional Assistant, at (323) 265-8842 or email her at with additional questions.
We offer classes in a wide range of disciplines in Studio Arts, Animation and Graphic Arts, and Art History. Refer to each tab on the left for more information and look at the course catalog for a complete overview of our course offerings.

Anyone 18yrs or older qualifies for admission to East Los Angeles College. People under 18 qualify if they have graduated from high school or have passed the California High School Proficiency test. High school students may concurrently enroll at ELAC with the consent of their parents and high school and get an early start on their college education and pay no tuition.

If you are an international student on an F-1 visa or want to apply as an F-1 visa student, please contact the International Student Office. There is a different application process for international students than for U.S. students.

Our introductory courses are open to all ELAC students. Some upper level courses require introductory pre-requisites. All pre-requisites are listed in the course catalog for each course description.

If you are interested in taking art classes at ELAC you need to be enrolled as a student first.