CLP Logo - Career Ladders Project

Career Ladders Project works with California community colleges and their partners statewide to design and strengthen pathways that prepare students for success in both college and career. Well-designed pathways can support students as they enter, navigate, and complete postsecondary education as well as deepen connections among high schools, colleges, and regional industries.

CLP leads new work in guided pathways, a college-wide transformation strategy, in addition to work building on regional and sector-based pathways developed with a wide range of colleges and partners.

Using tools, templates, and mapping processes developed by CLP, as well as inclusive change-management strategies, we bring educators, employers, and community stakeholders together to create more structured and relevant pathways that foster academic and career success.

Career Ladders Project efforts will include collaborating with East Los Angeles College Guided Pathways Redesign Team and support the transformation of our educational system. With ongoing partnership, we seek to incorporate their methods in sampling, research and identifying disciplines within Meta Majors and the development of academic maps per department.

“Redesign ELAC” efforts will identify student equity barriers and use this data as a key component to develop/ perform best practices. Career Ladders Project was confirmed to participate during ELAC Opening Day 2018, and Fall 2018 Meta Major/ Academic Mapping collaboration. Future partnerships will be discussed during monthly Guided Pathways Steering Committee meetings.