The Plant Facilities Department is responsible for various services on campus, including:


  • Health and Safety Emergencies (Fires, broken glass, unknown fumes or odors, trip hazards, etc.)
  • HVAC and Energy Management (Adjustments for abnormal heating, air conditioning or ventilation, lighting systems, etc.)
  • Custodial Services (Restrooms, offices, event set-ups, moving of furniture, boxes, equipment, etc.)
  • Building Maintenance (Doors, electrical, elevators, lighting, graffiti removal, plumbing, carpentry, pest control, roof, painting, signs, install miscellaneous office and classroom items, security alarms, locksmith services for buildings, etc..)
  • Grounds (Plants, flowers, trees, empty trash cans, field maintenance, irrigation, clean parking lots, roads & walkways)
  • Receiving (Receive and distribute supplies, packages, asset inventory, surplus, purchase order verification, distribution of miscellaneous office supplies)
  • Locksmith (Repair doors and hardware, add, delete alter and/or replace standard or e-lock readers, program ID or Fob cards)
  • Event Support (Setup of tables, chairs and canopies for permitted events)