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East Los Angeles College


English & Math Multiple Measures
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are English & Math Multiple Measures?

ELAC is implementing a NEW assessment process (known as English & Math Multiple Measures) that will help determine English & Math course placements for students. This new assessment process will be the primary form of placement. English & Math assessment tests will be the secondary form of placement.

The English & Math Multiple Measures process involves high school coursework, grades, and grade point average to determine student placement into college English & Math courses (not a test). Students are encouraged to refer to their U.S. high school transcripts when participating in the process.

Why is ELAC implementing a New Assessment Process?

Alternative Multiple Measures (AB 705) is part of a state-wide initiative to increase students’ access to higher-level English & Math courses where research shows that students are likely to succeed.

What is AB 705?

AB 705 is a bill signed by the Governor on October 13, 2017 that took effect on January 1, 2018. The bill requires that a community college district or college maximize the probability that a student will enter & complete transfer-level coursework in English & Math within a one-year timeframe & use, in the placements of students into English & Math courses, one or more of the following: high school coursework, high school grades, & high school grade point average.

Who is eligible to participate?

New, returning, or continuing students who meet the criteria below may participate in the English & Math Multiple Measures Placement.

Graduated from a U.S. high school. - or -
Currently in the 12th grade and consider themselves an ENL (English as a native language - fluent in English) student. - or -
Currently in the 12th grade and consider themselves an ESL (English as a Second Language) student and have attended a U.S. high school for 3 or more years.  

If none of the above criteria apply, students will be referred to participate in the assessment tests.

Can students still take the placement tests if they go through the English & Math Multiple Measures?

Yes. If students are not satisfied with their English & Math Multiple Measures placement, they are welcome to participate in the assessment tests.

For more information, please call (323) 415-4141 or visit the Assessment Center.