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East Los Angeles College




The East Los Angeles College Assessment Center strives to accurately identify students’ English, Reading and Math skill levels. Carefully selected assessment instruments and multiple measures are utilized to appropriately assess student skill levels and recommend course placement. Proper course placements enable students to successfully progress through required course sequences and to achieve their educational goals.


ELAC’s primary form of placement is the Multiple Measures process. Students are placed in English and Math courses based on U.S. high school transcript information.

  • Students are highly encouraged to use their U.S. high school transcripts as a reference when answering the Multiple Measures questions.
  • ESL students that participate in the Multiple Measures process and are not satisfied with their ESL English course placement are welcome to participate in the ESL English assessment test.
  • Students that participate in the ESL English assessment test are encouraged to review Sample Test Questions.
  • The ESL English assessment test is administered on a computer and is untimed.
  • Plan for at least 1 hour when participating in the ESL English assessment test.
  • Not allowed: Cell Phones, Calculators, iPods, Smart Watches and any other electronic devices.
  • Placement Test Results are valid for a two-year period.

Students may participate in the ESL English assessment test at any time during the hours shown on the assessment calendar.


Students that participate in the ESL English assessment test may retest after one (1) month. If a student would like to retest again, they must wait one (1) complete year from their initial test date.


If a student experiences difficulties due to a verified learning or physical disability, the student may wish to contact the Disabled Students Program & Services (DSP&S) in E1-160 or call (323) 265-8787 for information on alternative test-taking arrangements prior to assessment participation. Such alternative test-taking arrangements are only available for students with documented disabilities.