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Strategic Planning

East Los Angeles College views planning as an ongoing process utilizing quantitative and qualitative data with the goal of improved academic and student services. The college planning structure at East Los Angeles College reflects the college's commitment to shared governance and to obtaining campuswide and community input on the college goals and objectives that will shape the college's future. The ELAC Shared Governance Council (ESGC) serves as the central governing body for all planning decisions and makes recommendations directly to the college president as part of the shared governance process. In addition to the ESGC, the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), Educational Planning Subcommittee (ESPC), Facilities Planning Subcommittee (FPSC), Technology Planning Subcommittee (TPSC), Program Review and Viability Committee (PRVC), and the Budget Committee also play key roles in the development and implementation of the college planning agenda. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness facilitates the development of the college planning documents and assists in the implementation and evaluation of the planning agenda.

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is a shared-governance standing committee that oversees the creation, implementation, evaluation, and revision of the strategic plan. Membership on this committee ensures representation from all vital constituent groups and those with the requisite knowledge to formulate the college planning agenda. The SPC initiates a review of the Strategic Planning Documents, including the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Directions and Values. Formal reviews are conducted every six years; however, the committee can initiate a review of the strategic plan at any time that changes in the college environment warrant possible revisions. The Educational Planning Subcommittee, Facilities Planning Subcommittee, Technology Planning Subcommittee, and Program Review and Viability Committee all report to the SPC to ensure alignment of the planning and implementation process. The SPC is responsible for overseeing the implementation process of the strategic and master plans and reviewing ongoing formative evaluations.

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