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Teaching and Learning Series

T&L Summer 2018


The Teaching and Learning Series focuses on proven strategies that can be implemented at the course level to create inclusive climates and engage all students in deep learning. Our goal is to provide our ELAC family with workshops on self-regulated learning, active learning, research-based principles for building inclusive communities and teaching to increase student learning, developing a first-gen mindset, recognizing student learning and success and to consider how information about who our students are and how they are performing can be used to ensure their success.

Upcoming Workshops

Thursday, April 11 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Online Annotation Tools

Learn the ins and outs of using digital annotation tools for close reading. This workshop is designed to help faculty and students embrace their reading experiences. The following software tools will be covered in the workshop: Annotate, Diigo, and Thinglink.


Friday, April 12 10:00am – 12:00am
Project-based Learning 101: Engage Your Students Even More!

This workshop will introduce instructional faculty to project-based teaching and learning. Participants brainstorm with each other and explore how they might incorporate this pedagogical tool in their courses. A thorough definition and history of project-based learning will be covered, as well as personal hands-on experience. Activities will include a Q & A portion and a hands-on brainstorming session.


Friday, April 19 9:00am – 12:00am
Culturally Responsive Training Academy - Equality or Equity: Which One Will We Feed?

Based on his experience and research, Dr. Duncan-Andrade offers concrete, time-honored, research based strategies that foreground relationships, relevance, and responsibility as essential ingredients to fundamentally altering the business-as-usual approach that continues to fail so many of our young people. Through the voices of young people and educators, this talk reissues license for community responsive practices that transform engagement and educational outcomes for all students, relieving undeserved suffering in schools and communities.

Friday, April 26 10:00am – 1:00pm
Threshold Concepts and Transformational Learning

How can threshold concepts transform lives and be applied in various disciplines? In this discussion and inquiry based workshop, participants will learn the general characteristics of threshold concepts, and the importance of threshold concepts for the design of curriculum and learning activities.