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Some graded sections also require Positive Attendance hours. The system will automatically provide the page that is appropriate for the section.

Grades and Hours are due within five working days of the end of a section.

Grade and Positive Attendance functions are available two weeks prior to the end of a section.

Note your electronic signature number for this session, then click Continue.
On your FACULTY-Main Menu page, select section and click on Assign Grades or on Record Positive Attendance.

For these sections, the Assign Grades with Positive Attendance Hours page is displayed listing all students with status.

  1. Input grade in the grade box (G) for each student. See the header listing called Input Allowed: for acceptable values for this class
    A grade of "I" for Incomplete requires two additional items.
    1. An Incomplete Default Grade (IDG) entered on this page.
    2. Incomplete Grade Form: with instructions for removal of incomplete grade must be completed, signed, and sent to the Admissions Office.
    Only active students can be assigned grades. Grade boxes for inactive students will be grey and not allow input.
  2. Input in the PosAtt Hr box the total number of hours each student participated. Hours may be submitted for both active and inactive Students.
    Do not use the MaxHr box without proof that the student actually participated all hours. Max Term Hours: for the section is listed on the right side of the page header.

Click Continue button at the bottom of the list. Invalid entries will be outlined in red and trigger an error message.

Confirmation page displays student and grades to be submitted for this session. The number of students is listed below the list.

  • Click Back button to make changes
  • Click Submit button to continue
    • Electronic Signature pop-up appears.
    • Enter the 4-digit number provided at log-in.
    • Or click on the Can't remember e-signature? link to provide your password and display your number.
    • Input number and click Submit button.
  • Submit Processed page is displayed.
    • Print link is at bottom of page.
    • Go to View Roster link to print roster or to view grades submitted.
    • Return to Roster link to submit more grades.

Note: Blank grade and hour boxes can be completed and submitted at a later time. However, grades cannot be changed on-line after submission. When necessary, use grade Change cards submitted to Admissions and Records Office to submit changes after successful on-line grade submission.

Total hours may be changed on-line, but grades cannot.