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TAG Information
Transfer Admissions Guarantees (TAG)

Transfer Admission Guarantee gives ELAC students who meet basic transfer requirements a written guarantee of admission to selected colleges and universities. Students who complete the agreed upon sequence of classes in general education and a selected major with a stated minimum GPA can apply to the four-year institution within a prescribed time-frame and be "Guaranteed Admission."

To sign a TAG contract you should...

  1. Meet with an ELAC counselor to determine if you're eligible.
  2. If eligible the student must go to UC system TAG web page and apply within eligible filing period

The On-Line contract provides the participating universities with the student's contract information. As a result the student will have direct access to university representatives and current information pertaining to their admissions or changes they should know about

Ensure your successful transfer by signing a TAG agreement with one the following campuses

Minimum GPA Units completed
in order to sign contract
TAG filing Period
UC Davis 3.2 - 3.3 30 transferable units 09/01 - 9/30
UC Irvine 3.4 30 transferable units 09/01 - 9/30
UC Merced 2.8 - 3.0 30 transferable units 09/01 - 9/30
UC Riverside 3.0 - 3.5 30 transferable units 09/01 - 9/30
UC Santa Barbara 3.2 30 transferable units 09/01 - 9/30
UC Santa Cruz 3.0 30 transferable units 09/01 - 9/30

UC TAG Matrix:
Transfer Admissions Guarantee to Whittier College
  1. The student must submit a completed application for admission as well as all supporting documents and the application fee (fee waiver available in Transfer Center) to Whittier College on or before the transfer application deadline (April 15 for fall and December 1 for spring).
  2. The student will have completed the Freshman Writing Seminar requirement and the Quantitative Reasoning requirement with a C grade or better in each class (See the general articulation agreement for courses that will fulfill these requirements).
  3. The student will have completed at least 30 transferable units with a C or better.
  4. The student must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in courses eligible for transfer. For example, if a student earned a D or below in a transferable course, that course would not be accepted for transfer credit, but would be factored into the cumulative transfer grade point average.
  5. Students who are admitted with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above will receive a merit-based scholarship ranging from $10,500 to $13,500 per year to be used toward tuition at Whittier College. Students who submit a FAFSA and are eligible for need-based aid may also receive Whittier College grants, as well as other state and federal funding.
  6. Student must bring signed ELAC/Whittier College TAG form to the ELAC Transfer Center & schedule an appointment to meet with the Whittier College Representative