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K-8 Dual Enrollment and Course Registration Steps
College Enrollment and Course Registration Steps for K-8th Students

East Los Angeles College provides educational enrichment opportunities to elementary school students for the purpose of enrolling in advanced scholastic or vocational work. To be considered for admittance as a Special Part-Time Student (11 units or less) or Special Full-Time Student (12 units or more) the student will need to:


Obtain the following documents and submit A MONTH BEFORE THE SEMESTER BEGINS to the Office of Academic Affairs located at the Main Campus (Building G1-207) for Committee Approval. If Approved, Submit the Documents to the Enrollment Center (E1-121) or the Admission Office at the South Gate Educational Center for Processing:

  1. Admission Application: Complete an Admission Application
  2. YS-1 Form: Completed, approved and signed by the parent or guardian and by the home school principal or designee. Recommended courses must be made by the home school and listed on the Y-S1 Form. (YS-1 Forms that have no classes listed will not be accepted.)
  3. Letter from Principal: A letter (on the school letterhead) from the principal stating appropriateness of requested courses for the student.
  4. Student Statement: A written statement by the student indicating the reason for wanting to enroll in college level class(es).
  5. Academic Record: A copy of the current student report card or cumulative record.
  1. Documents to bring with you (The student must be present to submit the application; otherwise, a dated written third party authorization signed by the student along with copy of student’s photo I.D. must be obtained by the parent):
    • Photo Identification: School I.D., CA I.D., School Yearbook, or Parent I.D.
    • Permanent Resident Card, Work Permit, 1-94 Departure Record, and Passport: Non-citizens shall provide proof of immigration status for tuition purposes only.
  2. Residency Classification: Students admitted to the college shall be classified as resident or non-resident for tuition purposes in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Non-resident students are subject to higher tuition rates.
      • U.S. Citizens: Meets the California Residency Requirement: Clearly demonstrated both physical presence and maintained permanent home residence in California for one year and one day prior to the start of the semester.
      • Non-U.S. Citizens: Possesses any immigration status which allows him/her to live permanently in the U.S. and he/she meets the California Residency Requirement.
      • Non-Residents: Present in the United States without legal status or with any type of temporary visa.
  3. Fees (Subject to change without notice):
    • Enrollment Fee: Required for special full-time students $46 per unit (12 units or more), but waived for special part-time students (11 units or less)
    • Non-Resident Fee: Students classified as non-residents are subject to non-resident fees of $215 per unit (Certain non-resident students may be eligible for waiver of non-resident fees).
    • Health Fee: Students enrolled in on-campus classes are required to pay a per semester health fee. $11 for Spring/Fall semester and $8 for Winter/Summer sessions. Health fees are exempt for classes taken off-campus.
    • Representation Fee: $1 fee collected shall be expended to establish and support the operations of the student organization, with effective student representation and participation in state-level community college shared governance and with governmental affairs representatives to advocate before the Legislature and other state and local governmental entities.



Participate in the Assessment Placement Process: All K-12 students are Non-Exempt and are required to participate in the Assessment Placement Process (computerized English & Math Assessment), unless Assessment Exemption Criteria is met:

  1. Assessment Placement Process information (Check-In Form/Lab Calendar and sample test questions) is available at the Enrollment Center (E1-121), Assessment Center (E1-183), and online at
    Prior to assessment participation, Admission Application must be processed and sample test questions should be practiced.
    • Computerized English & Math Assessment tests are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis during lab hours.
    • Students must go to ELAC, Main Campus Assessment Office (E1-183) or South Gate Assessment Lab (SG-120) for assessment lab entry clearance. Each assessment lab has a 40-seat capacity.
    • Tests are untimed, but allow at least 2 hours for English and Math Exams. No appointments are required.
    • Upon reaching capacity, admittance time will vary.
    • Day of Assessment: Students must bring a valid Photo ID (School ID, CA ID, or Passport- Parent ID not accepted for testing), Student ID #, a pen/pencil, and the Assessment Check-In Form.
    • No admittance for students without Photo ID. No electronic devices, including cell phones, are allowed.
  2. Upon completion: Students will receive English, Reading, and Math course placements, general college catalog, current Schedule of Classes, and New Student Orientation Calendar (as available).
  3. Assessment Exemption Criteria: Valid California Community College assessment course placement the past two (2) years, successful completion of English & Math college courses at another college or university, or obtained an AA degree or higher.
    NOTE: Students who meet assessment exemption criteria must submit an “LACCD Matriculation Assessment Exemption Request” with supporting documentation to Admissions (E1-105) at least 10 days prior to the start of the semester/session.

Attend Orientation/Plan your Course Registration:

  1. Participate: In the In-Person or the Online College Orientation and other various workshops. Please refer to issued Student Orientation Calendar or visit Counseling Department online at
  2. Select courses needed towards your educational goal from the current Schedule of Classes.
  3. Select a major code from the list of major codes in the current Schedule of Classes.

Pre-register for Courses: Pre-registration for courses is strictly by a priority appointment issued upon successful processing of college admission application (see below).


Pay Fees: (Enrollment & Health Fees, Parking Permit, and ASU Membership) at Fiscal Office (E1-135). South Gate Center: Pay at Fiscal Office (Located near front desk).


Obtain ELAC Student ID Card: At Information Booth (E1-102). Need Fee Receipt from Fiscal Office and one valid form of Photo Identification. South Gate Center: Get ID Card at Computer Lab (SG-122).