Employees who want to add or update their emergency contact information on the Blackboard Connect system will have to log into their LACCD District SAP Portal (LACCD Portal) Figure 1a, which is only accessible by clicking on the District Applications icon located on your office computer desktop.

Figure 1a Image of District Logo and District Application

After the employees logs into LACCD Portal, they can update their emergency contact information located under the Employee Service \ Personal Information \ Emergency Contact.

Figure 1b Image of LACCD Portal after logged in

To add their emergency contact information they will click on the "Add Emergency Contact" button. To update their emergency contact number they will have to click on the "Change" button.

Figure 1c Image of LACCD Portal after logged in

Employees will be able to update their contact information as well as providing an emergency notification number. Complete the personal contact information and click on save, then enter the SMS phone number and click on the "Opt In" button. You will receive an email to notify you that your information has been added successfully into the District system. All information processed through the District system will automatically sync with the Blackboard Connect system. Please beware that it's your responsibility to log back into the LACCD portal to update your cell phone if your number has changed.

Figure 1d Image of LACCD Portal after logged in

If you have any problems or questions regarding the emergency text notification system, please contact (323) 265-3750.

For assistance or recommendations contact regarding the Emergency Notification System, please contact the Information Technology Department at (323) 265-8700 or ithelpdesk@elac.edu.