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East Los Angeles College

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The Adelante First Year Experience is committed to the educational success of students. Adelante is a comprehensive program involving student services, linked courses, a stimulating learning environment, and committed faculty which together will provide all Adelante first year students with the very best opportunities to succeed in transferring to a four-year university.

Director: Viviana C. Castellon
Location: B2-107
Office: (323) 415-5387 or (323) 415-4128

Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS):

The DSPS Office provides educational and vocational support services for students with disabilities who are enrolled in credit classes. Services include alternative testing, special parking, note takers, readers, interpreters, tutors, mobility aids and equipment loans.

Office: (323) 265-8787

Escalante Math Program:

The Escalante Program is an integrated sequence of intermediate and advanced mathematics coursework supported by the commitment of each student and instructor to a rigorous schedule. Class outlines are based on the California math standards and are taught by instructors selected for their teaching skills and history of success with students.

Director: Fernando Fernandez
Office: (323) 267-3761 or (323) 265-8691

Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS):

E.O.P.S. is a state funded student support program that helps students who have not done well in school in the past, or thought that they did not have the money or language skills to attend college. In addition, EOPS helps students maintain satisfactory progress to stay in college. The programs and services are designed to help students successfully take the best steps necessary to pursue and achieve their goals.

Office: (323) 265-8769

Honors Program:

Guaranteed priority consideration for admission to UCLA, UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, Occidental College, Pitzer College, Pomona College, Chapman University and Whitman College. Honors designation on your transcript for each completed Honors course.

Director: Nadine Bermudez
Location: Chicano Studies Office Department 

Mathematics, Engineering& Science Achievement (MESA):

Math Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Program provides math, engineering and science academic enrichment to community college students so they can excel academically and transfer to four-year institutions as math-based majors. The program is supported by the industry, so students learn firsthand about career options and learn about scholarships, internships and special programs.

Director: Dr. Rivera
Location: E1-115
Office: (323) 265-8610 or (323) 265-8901

Puente Program:

The mission of the Puente Project is to increase the number of educationally underserved students who enroll in four year colleges and universities, earn degrees, and return to the community as leaders and mentors to future generations. Puente is open to all interested students.

Three components work together to prepare students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities:


    Puente students take two consecutive writing classes, English 28 (Fall) and English 101 (Spring). These classes provide a supportive and stimulating environment for Puente students with an emphasis on developing writing skills through an exploration of the Mexican American/Latino experience.
    Puente students work closely with their Puente counselor to explore career options, develop an academic educational plan, individual counseling sessions and identify their goals through the Puente Personal Development course, Introduction to College (Personal Development1) which is offered Fall semester. Students visit campuses of the University of California and other four-year universities and attend an annual Puente student transfer motivational conference.
    Puente students are matched with an academically and professionally successful mentor from the community. Mentors share with the students how they managed to succeed in the educational system, how they succeed as professionals while maintaining their cultural identity, and how they now balance family, career and community related activities, and provide resources for student assignments and projects.

Contact: Dorothy Teola / Carlos Centeno
Office: (323) 267-3763 / (323) 780-6713
E-mail: /

REEO (Resources for Educational and Employment Opportunities):

Resources for Educational and Employment Opportunities (REEO) is committed to empowering community college students with the opportunity to transfer to a four-year university, to earn a college degree and to obtain a professional position upon graduation.

USC SCholars Program:

The program's primary focus is to identify high-achieving community college students and encourage them to transfer to selective public and private research universities. In addition to assisting students through the transfer process, upon matriculation to USC, this unique program offers a variety of support services designed to meet the academic, emotional, and social needs of transfer students from local community colleges.

Office: (213) 740-7667