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Web Presence: Faculty Websites

Faculty websites are allocated server space to upload their instructional websites to our ELAC Server using FTP. Faculty members are required to get the approval of their Chair before they can proceed with the development and uploading of their Course to their website.

  • Template-
    Use the Faculty Website Template to create a professional web site that his/her students can access to view and download course material, learn about the courses that faculty teach and other information about the faculty. Modifying the template is easy, simply change the existing sections with content specific to the faculty and the faculty user's needs. The template includes sections that faculty typically need, such as: contact information, course information, office hour, and archives.
  • Hosting
    IT web hosting service allows Faculty to take advantage of the benefits of having a web server without the challenges of actually maintaining a machine. Some of the benefits include: a clear concise web address without ~ / _ - characters in the form of
  • Processing Step
    Step 1: Request a Web Server Account and web directory. The administrators will create a web directory and access account for faculty.

    Step 2: Faculty will need a Web editor application to modify the template pages. If faculty does not have a Web editor, ask IT department staff for assistance. Macromedia Dreamweaver is the Web editor supported at ELAC.

    Step 3: Faculty can download the template and edit the template to suit his/her needs.

    Step 4: Upload his/her modified template web page to the Web server directory using FTP account.

IT Announcements
Welcome to the newly designed IT Website. Please browse around the website to learn more about the technology that has been implemented within recent years. We have normalized the new website navigation on the left hand side to make it easier for you to find your technological needs. Also, please refer to our FAQ page as well.