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Web Presence: Academic Portal

Faculty who teach at East Los Angeles College including the SoutGate Educational Center are provided with an Academic Portal site. The Academic Portal site which is internet based, will allows the faculty members to upload documents (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Syllabus, etc.), create calendar events, post class announcements, moderate threaded discussions, and even create a grading scale on the portal site. Students who are enrolled in the class can see their entire course related materials. Only students within a section can see their specific course related materials. This is a great online tool that will allow faculty members to collaborate with their students with a "Education Anytime Anywhere" approach. One of the benefits for using the Academic Portal is it's intuitive and user-friendly interface that even non technical instructors will be able to use. To learn more about the Academic Portal, click here.

IT Announcements
Welcome to the newly designed IT Website. Please browse around the website to learn more about the technology that has been implemented within recent years. We have normalized the new website navigation on the left hand side to make it easier for you to find your technological needs. Also, please refer to our FAQ page as well.