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Purchasing Equipment:
All computer equipment purchased on campus must meet the minimum requirements for operability/performance, accessibility, maintainability, and durability. The campus has standard models for various types of computer equipment such as:

  • Desktop Computers
    • HP/Dell
  • Monitors/Displays
    • HP, Dell, other brands
  • Laptops/Tablet PCS
    • HP/Dell
  • Projectors
  • Printers, FAX and Multifunction printers (FAX, Copiers, Scanner, Printer all in one)
  • PDAs/SmartPhones
    • Compatible Devices Include
      • Windows Mobile Devices
      • iPhones
      • Android devices
      • Palm
      • Check with your Phone Service Provider for other devices
    • At this time we do not support BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Purchase Request Process
Before you or your department submits a request to purchase computer equipment check with us to help you select the best equipment that will fit your needs that also satisfies the minimum requirements mentioned above. This is to help departments make the most out of their budgets and to ensure the equipment being requested can be supported properly for the lifetime of the equipment. We stress the importance of buying equipment with a minimum warranty of three years so the departments can get the equipment serviced, or replacement parts, at no extra cost.

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