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East Los Angeles College

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System Requirements

In order to watch ELAC webcasts, make sure you have the following:

  • Click here to check Ensemble Video Browser Compatibility.
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Web Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer (IE 10 or newest) is recommended.
    • Google Chrome
      Important Notice:

      If you are received any error message and unable to view this live video stream, please do the following:
      > click Customize and control Google Chrome (top right, three verticle dot)
      > click "Settings"
      > Search Box: type Flash then press enter key > Click "Content settings"
      > Click "Flash"
      > Allow: click "ADD" (right side)
      > Dialog pop up, in the text field below the "Site": type
      > click "ADD" button
      > Turn off "Ask first" by click on switch button to gray color.
      > close Settings tab
      > refresh your browser.

    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Opera
  • Internet connection with 500+ Kbps