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Picture of Sharon Allerson, Interim Department Chair

English, whether in traditional essay format or in reports, is used in every field. Researchers, scientists, and even mathematicians need to express their ideas and results in written form. American society and economic vitality is a result of educating people with many different backgrounds communicating using a common language. To understand ourselves and the world around us, reading and interpreting college level books is essential. Mastering spoken and written English is the key to a career, success in college, and essential to transferring to a university. Students who do not qualify for college level English courses have many options to improve their reading, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. Reading 20, 21, 57, and 60 are designed to prepare English-speaking students for English 101. Students who speak English as second language should take the ESL assessment to see if they place in levels 3,4,5, or 6. Students are advised to take ESL Reading and ESL Conversations classes to better prepare for college courses in English and other disciplines.