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California Guided Pathways

  1. Guided Pathways Framework

    The Guided Pathways framework will assist colleges in improving student achievement outcomes by focusing efforts throughout the system on effective practices and interventions and itegrating planning across all divisions.

  2. Academic Map

    A term-by-term plan that details the scope and sequence of courses required to complete a credential, transfer, or enter the workforce. This helps students understand how degree requirements can be translated into a term-by-term registration plan. It is a default sequence that students may opt out of by speaking with a counselor. It is also referred to as a curriculum map, program map,, and pathway.

  3. Meta-Major

    A cluster of academic programs grouped together by common or related courses or occupations. Instead of giving incoming students a list of hundreds of majors to choose from, colleges are defining 5-10 meta-majors to help students narrow their program of interests early in their academic careers if they are undecided at the time of application. Programs with a Meta-Major will share common requirements to allow for early exploration within this broad field of interests.

  4. Career Pathways

    Structured and connected education programs and support services that are designed to help students attain a higher levels of education and training needed to progress toward the next level of employment and/or education. Career Pathways are organized around a sequence of certificates/ credentials that provide a way for colleges to give students more clarity and structure in career technical programs of study.

  5. About Guided Pathways