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East Los Angeles College

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Administration Members
  1. Marvin Martinez, College President
  2. Dr. Laura M. Ramirez, Vice President of Workforce Education and Academic Affairs
  3. Dr. Ann Tomlinson, Vice President of Administrative Services
  4. Julie Benavides, Vice President of Student Services
  5. Dr. Armida Ornelas, Vice President, Continuing Education & Workforce Development

  6. Jeremy Allred, Dean, Student Services
  7. Ruben Arenas, Dean, Institutional Advancement
  8. Paul De La Cerda, Dean, Resource and Institutional Development
  9. Evelyn Escatiola, Dean, Academic Affairs/South Gate
  10. Danelle Fallert, Dean, Student Services
  11. Ming-Huei Lam, Dean, Academic Affairs/South Gate
  12. James Kenny, Dean, Academic Affairs/Liberal Arts
  13. Sonia Lopez, Dean of Student Activities
  14. Dr. Vi Ly, Dean, Academic Affairs/Liberal Arts
  15. Kerrin McMahan, Dean, Academic Affairs/Liberal Arts
  16. Paulina Palomino, Dean, Student Services/Student Success
  17. Al Rios, Dean, Academic Affairs
  18. Dr. Armando Rivera-Figueroa, Dean, Academic Affairs/STEM
  19. Angelica Toledo, Dean, Academic Affairs/Workforce Development
  20. Vacant, Dean, Academic Affairs/Career Technical Education

  21. Dr. Laura Cantu, Associate Dean, (SFP) SB 1070
  22. Gina Chelstrom, Associate Dean, Career Pathways & CTE Grants
  23. Dr. Vanessa Ochoa, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs (FYC)

  24. Miguel Duenas, Assistant Dean, Outreach and Recruitment
Classified Management
  1. Erlinda De Ocampo, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services
  2. William Gasper, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services
  3. Nghi Nghiem, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services

  4. Pilar Tompkins Rivas, Director of the Vincent Price Art Museums
  5. Abel Rodriguez, Director of Facilities