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Work Teams

Guided Pathways: Redesigning ELAC
Work Teams

Guided Pathways Steering Committee figure.
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Guided Pathways Proposed Teams:

  • Academic mapping work team (Jessica)
    1. An exploration of how to use standard rubrics to help programs map out their course sequencing
    2. Facilitate the mapping efforts of program faculty

  • Meta-majors work team (Dray)
    1. An exploration of how to structure the meta-majors and places degrees and certificates to make them relevant and easy to access by students

  • Inquiry/Data team (Arpi)
    1. Help design and implement data collection strategies (e.g., surveys, focus groups) and helps present data to campus community
    2. Provide current labor market information to make available on website

  • IT group (Arpi)
    1. An exploration of the IT infrastructure needed to help students select a path (e.g., ELAC website, Starfish)
    2. An exploration of the IT infrastructure needed to help students stay on the path by showing them clear requirements of a degree/certificate and their progress toward it (e.g., degree auditing through PeopleSoft)
    3. Up-to-date GP website linking programs to updated labor market information

  • Outreach team (Kimberly)
    1. Build on existing career pathways
    2. Maintain an ongoing relationship with feeder high schools (Enter a Path pillar)
    3. Maintain existing relationships with external career partners and creating new relationships (Ensure Learning pillar)

  • Work-based Learning (Kimberly)
    1. Integrate existing relevant work-based learning pathways into Guided Pathways
    2. Make connections between meta-majors and labor market (builds upon CTE programs’ best practices and connections)
    3. Provide current labor market information to make available on website

  • Student Support Services work team (Dray)
    1. An exploration of redesigning student services (e.g., modification to orientation, ed plans, career support)

  • Onboarding/Exploration Course Inquiry team (Dray)
    1. Analyzing and modifying current practices of onboarding
    2. An exploration of designing a first semester course to support all students and the transition to college with the goal of promoting academic and professional success for all.

  • Professional Development (Nora)
    1. Works with the PD office to design GP-focused focused PD activities (e.g., growth mindset, equity)

  • Learning Communities (Nora)
    1. An exploration of what GP efforts can learn from the success of learning communities
    2. Career Ladders is building regional support for the LA area colleges. It will involve focus groups and peer-to-peer learning among colleges.

Future Work Teams

  • Student Advisory Board (Nora)
    1. A group of student ambassadors (e.g., ASU) who can help mobilize students to take part in inquiry and design of GP
  • Strategic Management Committee
    1. The development and implementation of a holistic Strategic Enrollment Management Plan will integrate into Guided Pathways implementation at ELAC