Apply for Transfer

The ELAC Transfer Center is available to assist you when you are ready to submit your transfer applications. You are welcome to use our computer lab, attend an application workshop, and meet with Transfer Center staff and counselors to make sure your applications are completed correctly.

We encourage you to look into the application process approximately a year before you want to attend your target 4-year college/university. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Step 1: Meet with a Counselor

Schedule an appointment with a counselor to verify you are meeting minimum transfer requirements.

Step 2: Attend a Transfer Workshop

Join one of our online workshops where we cover the process of applying, financial aid, transfer guarantees, and other resources. 
We also have select workshop recordings on our YouTube channel

Step 3: Complete Transfer Application

Complete your application to the campuses you want to transfer to: UC's, CSU's, and/or private universities. You can schedule appointments with Transfer Mentors to review your application prior to applying.

CSU Application

Fall Semester

October 1 – November 30

*For Fall 2021: Deadline extended to Dec. 4, 2020

Spring Semester August 1 – August 31


How to create your CSU Apply account:

Additional CSU Application Videos


UC Application:

Fall Quarter/Semester November 1 – November 30
Winter Quarter/Spring Semester July 1 – July 31


Additional UC Application Videos


Private/Out-of-State Institutions: Deadlines Vary

Common Application (used by many private institutions)

Note: Make sure you gather the appropriate documents and information before you start your application. Documents/Information may include:
  • Your unofficial transcripts
  • Your Social Security Number/DACA/ITIN Number
  • Your residency/citizenship status
  • Personal statements or short essays
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • A method of payment


Step 3A: Fill out Financial Aid Application

2021-2022 Financial Aid FILING PERIOD
FAFSA October 1 - March 2, 2021
CA Dream Act October 1 - March 2, 2021

Make sure to indicate all of the campuses you will be applying to including East Los Angeles College (ELAC). This is to ensure that once you transfer out, the university will be able to formulate a financial aid award letter for you.


Start early & don't forget to click "Save"

When working on UC Applications, start your Personal Insight Questions (PIQ) on a separate document (Microsoft Word, GoogleDocs, etc.) Once you have finished editing, copy and paste on your UC Application and don't forget to press save!

​Have a copy of your unofficial transcripts

  • Print out a copy of your Unofficial Transcripts to make it easier to correctly input your course information and grades in the "Transcript Entry" portion of your applications.
  • Be honest and input all courses you have taken and all schools you have attended! Be sure you know how to correctly input Academic Renewal, Repeated Courses, and Withdrawals on your applications.

Reach out to the Transfer Center for support

  • Meet with a counselor to clarify your transfer progress and if necessary, assist with petitions related to course repetition and academic renewal as it can impact your transferable GPA.
  • Check in with a transfer mentor, meet with a transfer counselor, attend a workshop, or review our Youtube videos if there is a something you are confused about!
  • We can help you with:
    • Calculating your transferable GPA
    • Double checking your application so that it’s accurate and free of errors.
    • Reviewing your UC Personal Insight Questions (PIQ) or personal statements

Student Portal Accounts

Create student portal accounts at each school you apply to. Remember the CID (Campus ID) given to you by each campus.

Transfer Application Update 

Update your transfer application (Deadlines vary with each school but usually by end of January for Fall transfer). Some schools/majors may have Supplemental Applications and may ask you to submit other documents. Make sure to stay updated on deadlines and other requirements! Updates required for all UC's and most CSU's.

Check Emails Regularly

Check your emails regularly for any additional requirements the universities may ask for. If you receive emails or communication from the schools you applied to and are unsure what to do, please contact the Transfer Center for assistance as soon as possible. We can help you clarify your next steps.

Graduation Petition

Complete remaining courses with passing grades and meet with your counselor to submit a petition to graduate. 

ADT Verification

If you are earning an AA-T or AS-T, make sure to meet with a counselor to petition to graduate and verify that you will be earning your ADT by the ADT Verification deadline (March for Fall term transfers; October for Spring term transfers)

Official Transcripts

Only request official transcripts to be sent to the university you are applying to once they ask you to! You can request official transcripts to be sent through the Admissions & Records Office.

Submit Intent to Register (SIR)

Once you are admitted into a school and decide to attend, you will need to submit an intent to register or enrollment confirmation to officially accept your admissions. This will usually be accompanied by an enrollment deposit of $100-200. If you need financial help with this deposit, contact the university to defer this payment until later.