High School Concurrent Enrollment
General Information for Students Enrolled in Grades K-12:
  1. Concurrent K-12 Form (YS-1 Form)
    Special part-time students or special full-time students must submit a supplementary Concurrent K-12 Form for each semester or summer session in which they wish to enroll, and students may only enroll in those courses specifically approved by the college for that term.

  2. College Records
    Parents or guardians will not have access to a student's records (including grades and transcripts) without the student's written consent, the student's minor status notwithstanding.

  3. College and High School Credit
    Students shall receive credit for the community college courses completed. Arrangements for receiving school credit for course work completed must be made with students respective home schools. Students will not be mailed a report card. If a student needs to submit grades to the home school the student may request an official transcript at the Admissions Office Window 1 (E1-105). Applicable fees will apply. An unofficial transcript is available online at ww.laccd.edu free of charge.

  4. Tuition for Concurrently Enrolled (Special Part-Time and Full-Time) Students
    Enrollment fees are required for special full-time students (i.e., taking more than 11 units), but waived for special part-time students (i.e., taking 11 units or less). (Education Code section 76300(f), LACCD Board Rule 8100.03.) Effective Summer 2009, the nonresident tuition fee will be charged for all students who are classified as nonresidents; students may apply for an individual waiver pursuant to Board Rule 8100.15.

    Students who are determined to be nonresidents of California will be subject to nonresident tuition fees, pursuant to Board Rule 8100.03.

  5. Health Fee
    The Los Angeles Community College District charges a health fee (certain categories of students are exempt) and, where applicable, a student representative fee. The health fee is exempted when a student is enrolled at sites where LACCD student health services are not provided (off-campus). This means that the fee is waived when a class is held at a high school site. The health fee is only required once per semester.