First-Year Center Information

Mission and Goals

First-Year Center Mission Statement:

The First-Year Center (FYC) ensures students receive wrap-around support throughout their academic journey. Starting with two-year tuition-free through College Promise to first-year students, and educational support services to all ELAC students, including Counseling, Peer Mentoring, and other support services. FYC also offers Family & Community Engagement services to prospective students and their family to complete the process and ensure every ELAC student is Seen, Heard and Connected.

First-Year Center Goals:

  1. FYC supports students’ intent to persist in their academic journey at East Los Angeles College.
  2. FYC supports intentional engagement and connection to assure students are Seen, Heard and Connected.

What is the purpose of the First-Year Center?

The First-Year Center assist scholars to be seen, be heard and be connected to various student services that allow them to thrive while at ELAC. FYC staff collaborates with scholars to assure they succeed during their first-year and persist to their second year at ELAC.

Counseling, intrusive case management and dynamic programming assures that FYC scholars do well academically and socially.

The First-Year Center ensures that all first-year scholars have a home while at ELAC and are continuously inspired to achieve greatness.

Benefits of making the First-Year Center Home:

  1. FYC scholars enroll in learning communities that have built in academic supports.
  2. Throughout the scholars’ year commitment with FYC, they learn about and develop self-advocacy skills and pursue a college-going mindset via various programming, mentorship, counseling and educational trips in collaboration with the transfer center.
  3. FYC scholars have full support from a dedicated and empowering family. The FYC family includes staff and professors who are equipped to fully guide them to reach their academic potential, inspire them to transfer to a four-year university and achieve greatness.