Counseling Online Quick Question Service:

We ask that you look at our Frequently Asked Questions before using this service as you may find your answer there.

What is the Online Quick Question Service?

This service provides ELAC students with a resource to ask general questions that pertain to reaching their educational goal at East Los Angeles College. Keep in mind that not all questions can be answered in full via this online service. Questions requiring a lengthy response, evaluation of transcripts or questions deemed of a sensitive nature may require an appointment with a counselor on campus. It should also be noted that due to changes in college requirements and policies, all replies are to be used as advisory and informational only and will not constitute an official determination by ELAC. Please be aware that because of the nature of the internet and email technology, there can be no assurance of confidentiality when using this online service.

All online requests will be reviewed by a counselor. Responses will be handled in a timely manner based on the counselor availability (generally within 3 business days). Information provided by counselors is subject to the limitations of current and available material. Please read the following before using this service.

The online quick question service is appropriate for the following:

  • clarification of college procedures and policies
  • certificate, degree and transfer requirements
  • course prerequisite information
  • course offerings and majors available
  • referrals to other programs/services
  • transferability of ELAC courses

The online quick question service is NOT appropriate for the following:

  • Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • transcript evaluations
  • graduation checks
  • personal or crisis counseling
  • career counseling
  • financial aid appeals
  • academic and progress probation

Remember: There is no assurance of confidentiality when using this online counseling service due to the nature of the internet and email technology. Any questions regarding this service please call 323.265.8751.

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