Vision Resource Center/ Flex Information

Please consult the Faculty Flex Handbook for any eligibility questions.

  Faculty Flex Handbook  

If you need one on one help please create an appointment at:


The Vision Resource Center is a statewide system for accessing, tracking, sharing and promoting professional development. It allows all employees in LACCD system to connect and learn about countless topics that affect our work and our students. All ELAC employees can track their Professional Development activities and FLEX hours as well as discover and register for upcoming workshops and events.

Instructor Guides and Videos

  1. Vision Resource Center Instructor Guide  
  2. Creating Sessions (PDF) - (VIDEO)
  3. Marking Attendance (PDF) 
  4. Manually Adding Attendees (PDF) 

Other Online Flex Opportunities

  1. eLumen Basics Training:
  2. Micro-Courses: (Faculty would need to do a screenshot of the last page that states: “Congratulations” in order to receive credit