Online Trainings

Even though the Office of Professional Development’s physical office is closed, programming and services are still being offered online. 

Below you will find a list of training being offered through the Vision Resource Center (VRC).

Please sign into SIS to access VRC trainings listed below.

Vision Resource Center Links

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Safety and First Aid

  1. Learning Computer Security and Internet Safety

  2. Slips, Trips, and Falls 2.0

  3. Active Shooter 2.0

  4. Workplace Security

  5. Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

  6. Preventing Bullying and Violence

  7. Ergonomics 101



Conflict Resolution

  1. Interpersonal Communication

  2. Conflict Resolution Foundations

  3. Communication within Teams

  4. Preparing for Successful Communication   

  5. Managing Team Conflict

Online Communication

  1. Microsoft Teams Quick Tips

  2. Cybersecurity Awareness: Safer Digital Communications

  3. Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text   

  4. Learning with Your Mobile Device 

  5. Working Remotely 

  6. Office Online Essential Training

  7. Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere

  8. Trello Essential Training 

  9. Office 365: Configure Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online for End Users

  10. Troubleshooting Microsoft Online Services

  11. Building Your Technology Skills 

Microsoft Office


  1. Microsoft Word Accessibility (self-paced) @ONE Online Course

  2. Word 2016 Essential Training

  3. Learning Word Desktop (Office 365)

  4. Learning Word 2019

  5. Word Tips and Tricks

  6. Word 2016: Creating Long Documents

  7. Word 2019 Essential Training

  8. Word: Automating Your Work with Macros


  1. Learning Excel 2019

  2. Learning Excel Desktop (Office 365)

  3. Excel Essential Training (Office 365)

  4. Excel: Financial Functions in Depth

  5. Building Solutions Using Excel and Access 2016 Together

  6. Excel 2016: Advanced Formatting Techniques

  7. Excel Data Visualization: Mastering 20+ Charts and Graphs

  8. Excel for Mac 2016: Pivot Tables in Depth


  1. PowerPoint 2019 Essential Training

  2. PowerPoint: Designing Better Slides  

  3. PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

  4. PowerPoint: Creating an Infographic

  5. PowerPoint: Creating a Self-Running, Interactive Presentation

  6. PowerPoint: Using Photos and Video Effectively for Great Presentations

  7. PowerPoint Accessibility (self-paced) @ONE Online Course 


  1. Learning OneDrive

  2. Time Management Fundamentals with Microsoft Office

  3. Office 365 for Educators

  4. Teaching Techniques: Classroom Cloud Strategy

  5. Learning Dropbox


  1. Leading Projects 

  2. Leadership: Practical Skills

  3. Negotiating Your Leadership Success

  4. Developing Your Leadership Philosophy

  5. Leadership Strategies for Women   

  6. Creating a Positive and Healthy Work Environment

  7. Leading at a Distance

  8. Finding Your Time Management Style

  9. Leading Yourself

  10. Setting Team and Employee Goals

Project Management

  1. Project Management: Technical Projects

  2. Project Management for Creative Projects

  3. Project Management Simplified

  4. Project Management: Solving Common Project Problems

  5. Change Management for Projects   

  6. Time Management Fundamentals

  7. Managing Virtual Teams

  8. Time Management for Managers


  1. Creating Accessible PDFs

  2. Teaching Techniques: Making Accessible Learning

  3. Accessible Video: Caption, Search, and Compliance Strategies

  4. Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Office    

  5. Teaching Techniques: Making Accessible Learning

  6. Articulate Storyline: Creating Mobile Elearning

  7. Accessibility in Canvas (self-paced) @ONE Online Course 

  8. Teaching Techniques: Making Accessible Learning 

Online Instruction

  1. Learning to Teach Online

  2. Learning Canvas Online

  3. Teaching Techniques: Creating Multimedia Learning  

  4. Educational Technology for Student Success 

  5. Canvas: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques 

  6. Teaching with Technology 



  1. Handling Workplace Change as an Employee

  2. Handling Workplace Bullying

  3. Humor in the Workplace

  4. Driving Workplace Happiness

  5. Managing Anxiety in the Workplace

  6. Managing Depression in the Workplace

  7. Promoting Respect in the Workplace for Employees

  8. Managing Stress for Positive Change