Welcome to the Technology Planning Subcommittee

The focus of the Technology Planning Subcommittee (TPSC is to implement, develop, execute and evaluate the Technology Master Plan and address campus technology needs. The goal of the subcommittee is to work with the information Technology Department, administration, faculty, staff and students to achieve and maintain campus wide technology to enhance instruction and services to students. The TPSC shall function in an advisory capacity to the East Los Angeles College Shared Governance Council.

Members Constituency
Irma Morales Administrator: Admissions & Records or VP Designee
Michelle Cheang Administrator: Dean, Career Tech & Economic Development or VP Designee
Djuradj Babic* Administrator: Dean, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Distance Education, or VP Designee
Miguel Duenas Administrator: Teamsters
Vacant Classified: AFT Classified Guild
Vacant Classified: Information Technology
Jorge Paredes Classified: Info Tech, Instructional Assistant
Alejandro De La Parra Classified: Offsite/South Gate
Nghi Nghiem Classified Manager: College Information Systems
Michael Iwashita Classified Supervisor/Manager: SEIU 721
Vacant Faculty: AFT Representative
Luis Orozco Faculty: AFT Representative
Kevin Booth Faculty: AFT Representative
Daniel Frise Faculty: AFT Faculty Chapter President or delegate
Aaron Lyle Faculty: AFT Representative
Patricia Combes-Brighton Faculty: AFT Representative
Nancy Ramirez Faculty: Professional Development
Kevin Akiyama Faculty: Student Success & Support Program
Pauletta Daw Faculty: Distance Education/Learning
Rick Crawford Faculty: Co-Chair, Educational Planning Subcommittee or Designee
Nathasha Alvarez* Faculty: Library
Evelyn Cruz Student: Associated Student Union
Members Constituency
Adrian Shadaram Office of Institutional Effectiveness