Welcome to the Shared Governance Council Homepage

As the college’s central governing body, the ELAC Shared Governance Council (ESGC) is an essential part of implementing shared governance on campus by ensuring the representation and involvement of all groups and constituencies in the development of policies in a participative, objective, and constructive manner.

The ESGC recommends to the college president on campus decision-making processes and on a variety of policy matters regarding academics, business, and personnel. It vets recommendations from the Strategic Planning Committee, Educational Planning Subcommittee, Facilities Planning Subcommittee, Technology Planning Subcommittee, Program Review and Viability Committee, and Budget Committee. ESGC also receives regular reports from the Associated Student Union, Accreditation Liaison Officer & Faculty Chair of Accreditation, construction project managers, and the Work Environment Committee.

We encourage you to scroll down for the list of committee members and use the menu options to your left to access the bylaws, minutes, and other resources.


Jeffrey Hernandez President Academic Senate
Khetam Dahi Representative Academic Senate
Sherrie Davey Representative Academic Senate
Eldy Dean Representative Academic Senate
Cathleen Rozadilla Representative Academic Senate
David Senensieb Representative Academic Senate
Amanda Ryan-Romo Faculty Co-Chair Educational Planning Subcommittee
Michelle Benjamin President AFT Faculty Guild
Erika Blanco Representative AFT Faculty Guild
Kenneth Chaiprasert Representative AFT Faculty Guild
Janet Huang Representative AFT Faculty Guild
Marcellino Morales* Representative AFT Faculty Guild
Laura E. Ramirez Representative AFT Faculty Guild
M. Allen Coson Chair Work Environment Committee
Ruben Arenas Vice President Academic Affairs/Liberal Arts & Sciences
Armida Ornelas Vice President Continuing Education & Workforce Development
Julie Benavides Vice President Student Services
Myeshia Armstrong Vice President Administrative Services
Paul De La Cerda Dean Resource Economic Development & Innovation
Michelle Cheang Dean South Gate Educational Center
Bryan Ventura Representative Institutional Effectiveness & Advancement
Rowena Smith-Kersaint* Chairperson / Representative AFT Staff Guild (Clerical/Technical)
Rosalba Villalobos Representative AFT Staff Guild (Clerical/Technical)
Christopher Holbert Representative Buildings & Trades Union (Crafts)
Filiberto Barajas Representative Local 99 (Operations)
Gina Chelstrom Representative Teamsters
Jose A. Hernandez Representative SEIU 721 (Supervisors, Classified)
Brian Ha President Associated Student Union
Anthony Dominguez Vice President Associated Student Union
Leslie Soto Representative Associated Student Union


Raúl Rodríguez College President  
Abel Rodriguez Director College Facilities Administrative Services / Plant Facilities
Kerrin McMahan Administrative Co-Chair Educational Planning Subcommittee
Djuradj Babic Administrative Co-Chair Technology Planning Subcommittee
(Armida Ornelas) Administrative Co-Chairperson Facilities Planning Subcommittee