The ELAC Budget Committee is the central body for vetting college budget decisions. The committee develops recommendations for consideration by the ELAC Shared Governance Council. It recommends budget policies and adjustments to the budget development process. The committee develops, evaluates and refines policies that link resource allocation with the goals and objectives in the Educational Master and Strategic Plans. Through the work of the committee, the college ensures that its budget development process effectively links resource allocation to planning and provides a general timeline toward achieving that goal.

We encourage you to scroll down for the list of committee members for 2017 and use the menu options to your left. In addition bylaws and minutes, there is a Resources page with information links on budgeting at ELAC, LACCD, and the State of California.


Member Designated Position/Constituency
Laura M. Ramirez Vice President, Academic Affairs
Ann Tomlinson* Vice President, Administrative Services
Julie Benavides Vice President, Student Services
William Gasper Associate Vice President, Administrative Services
vacancy Associate Dean, Resource & Institutional Development
Marvin Martinez (ex-officio) College President
Ruben Arenas (ex officio) Dean, Institutional Effectiveness & Advancement

Faculty-Academic Senate

Member Designated Position/Constituency
Alex Immerblum Academic Senate President
Jeffrey Hernandez* Academic Senate
David Senensieb Academic Senate
Jose C. Ramirez Academic Senate (Alternate)

Faculty-AFT Faculty Guild

Member Designated Position/Constituency
Armida Ornelas AFT Faculty Chapter President
James Kenny AFT Faculty Chapter
Laura E. Ramirez AFT Faculty Chapter
Gisela Herrera AFT Faculty Guild (Alternate)

Classified Bargaining Units

Member Constituency
Edward Alvarado AFT Staff Guild
Christopher Holbert Building Trades Council
Filiberto Barajas Local 99
Lindy Fong SEIU 721 Supervisors

Academic Administrators Bargaining Unit

Member Constituency
Paul De La Cerda Teamsters, Local 911
Vi Ly Teamsters, Local 911 (Alternate)


Member Constituency
vavancy Associated Student Union
* Faculty and Administrative Co-Chairs