The Title V Project for Academic Literacy ('PAL') website posts sample syllabus, lesson plans, and course plans which reflect effective classroom teaching practices. View 'PAL' grant opportunities for faculty. Find links to resources on effective practices for reading, writing and ESL.

The Title V Web 2.0 Technology Project website posts workshops for assisting instructors to use technology to engage their students. Start using Office 2007 and ACE and Moodle (web-assisted course management sites). Post your Syllabus and related classroom documents, and more. Check the site to see what else is planned.

Title V Programs are funded by the US Department of Education to help eligible institutions of higher education (IHEs) enhance and expand their capacity to serve Hispanic and low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional stability, management, and fiscal capabilities of eligible institutions. The development grants are for a 5 year period. ELAC has two such grants, the first, Project for Academic Literacy started in October 2006, with Linda Whitney as the Project Director. The second, Increasing Student and Faculty Engagement with Web 2.0 Technology started in Oct 2007, with Harry Lord as the program Activities Director.