Annual Update Plans and Program Review Self-Evaluation

Individual units complete an annual update plan during the fall term of each year. The purpose of the Annual Update Plan (AUP) is to help units monitor annual progress on action plans and goals and validation committee recommendations made during the comprehensive program review process; plan and implement additional changes to improve student success and institutional effectiveness; and document changes within the department and in the discipline, college, state, or surrounding community that will be useful in conducting a unit's seven-year comprehensive program review.

The Annual Update Plan is used as the central process for requesting any resources. Each unit responds to questions regarding its efforts to meet program review recommendations, their unit goals, and the college's Strategic and Educational Master Plans. These responses are used to support unit requests for staff, faculty, equipment, facilities, and augmentations to annual budget allocations; they are prioritized based on the college's planning priorities.

Completing the AUP

The Annual Update Plan can be accessed for updating/editing by appropriate personnel via the eLumen system.

AUP Training Sessions

Trainings are currently divided into a number of tracks targetting specific portions of the AUP. Available Trainings and Presentations can be found here.


AUP Walk-through Presentation

Mission Statement and Goal Setting Materials

  1. Writing SMART Goals Handout
  2. Writing Mission Statements Handout
  3. Presentation on Misson Statements and Goal Setting

Analyzing Student Achievement (Program Completions) Data Materials

  1. ELAC Program Completions App
  2. Student Outcome vs. Student Achievement Data Handout
  3. Analyzing Program Completions Data Handout


Annual Update Data Sources (To be updated)


Supplemental Forms

All supplemental forms must be submitted as attachments to the completed AUP document.  Do not submit forms separately.