Faculty & Staff

Faculty: Atha, Tom

Atha, Tom

Faculty/House Manager/Director
Email: athatl@elac.edu
Phone: N/A
Office: P2-101A

Faculty: Augusztiny, Eric

Augusztiny, Eric

Adjunct Faculty/Intro to Theater/Intro to Acting
Email: auguszec@elac.edu
Phone: 323-265-8637
Office: P2-101D

Faculty: Buglewicz, James

Buglewicz, James

Adjunct Faculty/Film History/Film & TV Acting/Director
Email: buglewjv@elac.edu
Phone: N/A
Office: P2-101D

Faculty: Corona, Efrain

Corona, Efrain

Staff/Performing Arts Technician/Scene Shop Supervisor
Email: CORONAE@elac.edu
Phone: 323-267-3758
Office: P2-125

Faculty: Couture, François-Pierre

Couture, Francois-Pierre

Faculty/Set & Lighting Design
Email: COUTURF@elac.edu
Phone: 323-415-5076
Office: P2-104

Faculty: Cowan, Kathleen

Cowan, Kathleen

Adjunct Faculty/Lighting Design
Email: COWANKM@elac.edu
Phone: N/A
Office: P2-121

Faculty: Davis, Nathan

Davis, Nathan

Staff/Performing Arts Technician/Adjunct Faculty/Sound Design/Theater Technologist
Email: davisnb@elac.edu
Phone: 323.265.8760
Office: P2-102A

Faculty: Ficociello, Melissa

Ficociello, Melissa

Adjunct Faculty/Prop Supervisor/Set Design
Email: davisnb@elac.edu
Phone: 323-415-5077
Office: P2-113A

Faculty: Gharibi, Talin

Gharibi, Talin

Staff/Costume Shop Manager
Email: GHARIBT@elac.edu
Phone: N/A
Office: P2-119

Faculty: Hansen, Jessica

Hansen, Jessica

Faculty/Costume Shop Manager/Designer
Email: HANSENJL@elac.edu
Phone: 323-265-8991
Office: P2-119

Faculty: Hogan, Kelley

Hogan, Kelley

Faculty/Intro to Theater/Acting/Director
Email: hogankm@elac.edu
Phone: 323-265-8941
Office: P2-101C

Faculty: Johnson, James

Johnson, James

Staff/Performing Arts Technician/Adjunct Faculty/Stagecraft/Set & Lighting Designer
Email: JohnsoJB@elac.edu
Phone: 323-260-8178
Office: P2-207

Faculty: Kasnetsis, Kaz

Kasnetsis, Michael

Email: KasnetM@elac.edu
Phone: 323-265-8639
Office: P2-101D

Faculty: McKay, Colin

McKay, Colin

Adjunct Faculty/Intro to Theater
Email: n/a
Phone: 323-265-8650
Office: P2-101A

Faculty: Mc Kay, Colin

Mizzone, Vanessa

Email: n/a
Phone: 323-415-5075
Office: P2-101C

Faculty: Quiroz, Laura

Quiroz, Laura

Adjunct Faculty/Costume/Intro to Theater
Email: quirozl@elac.edu
Phone: 323-265-8650
Office: P2-101A

Faculty: Scott, David Laird

Scott, David Laird

Adjunct Faculty/Acting/Intro to Theater/Director
Email: N/A
Phone: 323-265-8637
Office: P2-101D

Faculty: Scott, Rodney Lloyd

Scott, Rodney Lloyd

Adjunct Faculty/Acting/Director
Email: N/A
Phone: 323-265-8637
Office: P2-101D

Faculty: Stone, Lisa Hashimoto

Stone, Lisa Hashimoto

Faculty/Technical Director/Set Design
Phone: 323-780-6843
Office: P2-101E

Faculty: Wong, Natalie

Wong, Natalie

Staff/Secretary/Adjunct Facutly/Box Office and Publicity
Phone: 323-415-5034
Office: P2-101B