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Succeed @ ELAC

ELAC is a place where students can succeed. Hard work, perseverance, and determination are some of the qualities a nursing student must encompass to achieve success. The Nursing Department and campus resources at ELAC are determined to assist students and graduates to become professional nurses and provide opportunities for career advancement. Below are links to resources that can help students in their nursing education journey at ELAC.


Success = Great Teachers

The nursing faculty at ELAC is a diverse group of individuals and are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and student success. Most faculty are Masters and Doctoral prepared with extensive experience covering a wide range of specialties. The nursing faculty bring their clinical expertise to the classroom to facilitate the student learning experience and promote optimum learning outcomes.


Success = Hands-on Learning

Nursing students at ELAC have the opportunity to care for patients at the local community and the county hospitals. The clinical rotations at the hospitals give nursing students the opportunity to apply theory to clinical practice. Direct patient care experience equals improved learning outcomes and success. The nursing skills lab provides additional hands-on learning and clinical simulations. Instructional Assistants working in the skills lab are available to assist students from beginners to seniors.


Success = Career Connections

Earning an Associates Degree in Nursing at ELAC is the first major step in the professional nursing career ladder. ELAC graduates have the opportunity to transfer to CSUs, UCs, and private universities to pursue higher education and career advancement in the nursing profession. Many ELAC graduates have earned advanced degrees; such as, Bachelors in Nursing Science, Master’s Degree in Nursing, and Doctor’s degree in Nursing Practice. These individuals are well respected in the community and nursing profession. 


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