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The English Department offers an Associate of Arts in English for Transfer degree. The degree provides students with a comprehensive study of composition, literary theory, and rhetorical strategies. Students become familiar with major themes, works, authors, and movements in literature, particularly British and American literature. Students are trained in composition and given a solid background in critical theory to explore literature as an intellectual discipline and art. The required courses help students hone critical thinking, research, rhetoric, and writing skills and prepare them for upper division coursework in English or a related field in which strong writing and critical thinking skills are valued, such as education, law, or business.

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ELAC Faculty and StudentsFaculty members who teach English degree courses have a wide range of expertise. Faculty who have written books, poems, and articles teach creative writing. Other faculty members specialize in the teaching of Queer Literature, Women in Literature, Mythology and Literature, and Literature and the Motion Picture. See the full range of courses offered this semester by clicking here.

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ELAC students during classMany English degree courses are transferable to CSU and UC campuses. Please click on the links below to learn more about English degree transfer requirements.

CSU English Degree Transfer Requirements

UC English Degree Transfer Requirements

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ELAC Faculty and Students

English majors are highly sought after in various fields.

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ELAC StudentsTo learn more about the English major or the English transfer degree, please contact the English Major Advisor, Prof. Joshua Rafael Rodriguez, at rodrigjr@elac.edu or visit him in E3-481.