Student Engineer @ ELAC

Succeed @ ELAC

Engineers and technologists make the world. They are creators, builders and inventors. Do you like to solve problems and make things work better? Do you like to tinker? If you like these challenges, are good at math and enjoy problemsolving, engineering is the career for you. Engineers bring together many different elements to design structures, new products, medical accessories, in fact, almost everything we use has been designed or produced under the careful supervision of an engineer. Salaries are excellent and tied to training and education. Technologists perform work similar to engineers, but at a more "hands on" level that does not require as many math and science courses.

Success = Great Teachers

Our faculty members have extensive experience in their respective fields. They are committed to student success. Specialists in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering are experts in teaching problem solving, theory and analysis. Practicing engineers are program advisors, ensuring that curriculum reflects current industry standards.

Success = High Tech Classrooms

A comprehensive computer lab provides a wide range of specialized software to assist engineering students to master AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, AutoCAD Inventor, MultiSIM and C++ programming. Prototyping and testing equipment allows students to build projects, test materials and perform engineering experiments. Surveying equipment allows surveyors & civil engineers to develop necessary skills for these professions.

Success = University Transfer

An ELAC Associates Degree in CAD or CADD, with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and additional academic courses, prepares students for transfer to a university engineering or technology program. ELAC has one of the largest and most comprehensive community college Engineering and Engineering-Technology programs in Southern California. A 2+2 transfer program with CSULA and USC facilitates transfers to these institutions. The Mathematics, Science and Engineering Achievement (MESA) program provides tutoring, study groups, and access to technology for engineering students.

Success = Career Connections

Engineering and Technology students may also obtain a certificate or AS degree in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) or Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CADD). The CAD/CADD certificates prepare students for entry-level drafting positions in industry.

Admission is Easy

Anyone 18 years or older qualifies for admission to East Los Angeles College. People under 18 qualify if they graduated from high school or if they have passed the California High School Proficiency Test. High school students may concurrently enroll at ELAC with the consent of their parents and high school counselor to get an early start on their college education and pay no tuition.
Applications and information to register for day and evening classes are available by calling 323-265-8650.