CAD/CADD Degrees

Associate Degrees in Engineering Graduation Requirements

Engineering transfer students, who wish to obtain an Associate Degree in Engineering must take all courses in the requirement. For detail about courses, please visit college catalog at Engineering degrees program.

Course requirement Plan A Plan B

General Education Requirements
Of the 30 units required by the college, some of them may be satisfied by specified major and support requirements. Consult major counselor for details

30 units 18 units
Natural Sciences 3 units 3 units
Social and Behavioral Sciences 9 units 3 units
Humanities 3 units 3 units
Language and Rational Skills 12 units 6units
Health and Physical Education 3 units 3 units
Major Requirements 18 units 36 units
Total 60-64 units 60-64 units


Students must earn at least a 2.0 GPA in all approved courses taken in the Engineering Department.

Residence Requirement: Completion of at least 12 units of work in residence and attendance at the college during the semester in which the requirements are completed. Exceptions may be made for injustice or undue hardship.

Note: Over all GPA 2.5 for the CAD/CADD certificates and A.A./A.S Degrees in ELAC's 2007-2009 General Catalog is an error.